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Top 5 Most Reliable Used Cars for College Students

Being a college student symbolizes that you are about to step into your professional and independent life. Every young soul walking in college wants to enjoy their social life by hanging out with their friends and going out for trips. For this purpose, every college student wishes to have a car.

It would be best if you did not burn the candles at both ends in student life, as every single penny matters. Hence, it would be best to go for used cars that are reliable and fulfil your preferences at the same time. The wise step is to look for used cars for sale in Brisbaneby searching thousands of used cars online at carbuyerhub.com.

Best Used Cars for Sale in Brisbane

Before picking up your first used car, you must have the essential knowledge about the best available options of used cars in Brisbane, which are perfect for college students. After that, you must know about the points from where you can buy cheap cars. It can be a car's display center or an online platform where you can search for cars for sale in Australia.
The things that you need to fix in your mind are the features of the car that you are finding are as follows:

So here is the list of the best second-hand vehicles that can become a part of your garage:

1. Buy a Used Fiat 500 Online:

If you are looking for a hatchback, the Fiat 500 is the best choice that you can purchase. If you have issues regarding the parking area space in your college or your house, you must go for this mini beast that is fuel-efficient and wallet friendly. The price of this brand-new car is around 16000 Australian dollars. But if you are willing to buy a used car through a broker or an online platform, it will cost you somewhere between 2100-7500 AUD.

2. Buy a Used Toyota Yaris Online:

Are you looking for something spacious with a premium and eye-catchy appearance? Well, Toyota has launched something for you and named it Toyota Yaris. The car is perfect for a long drive with the cruise control feature. If you wish to purchase a sedan, then Toyota Yaris is a highly recommended product as a used car. Not because of its enough space and decent appearance, but the excellent safety system approved by Australia's Independent Safe Vehicle Authority makes it worthy of buying for the college student. This used car in Australia ranges between 2500-12500 AUD depending upon the vehicle's condition.

3. Buy a Used Suzuki Swift Online:

To compete with other brands and to fulfil the demand of car seekers in Australia, Suzuki has launched its easy-to-drive and easy-to-maintain car in the market. The vehicle has a hatchback shape that helps solve parking issues and space troubles. The mileage of this car is around 20km, which is more than enough. Hence it a money-saver machine that saves you from spending excess money on fuel. Moreover, it doesn't demand Sunday maintenance. The price category of this used car is between 2500-7000 AUD. This cost is affordable and justified if we draw a quality-to-price comparison.

4. Buy a Used Mazda 2 Online:

Mazda 2 is one of the popular cars on Australian roads. The car is compact in shape and has a marvelous aerodynamic design. Mazda has designed and manufactured this car to drive on traffic roads by making this car automatic. So, you don't have to shift the gear while moving forward slightly in the jam-packed streets. Just press the accelerator and move forward. Mazda has shown safety concerns and installed airbags for any accidental situation and powerful brakes to prevent any critical moment. The price of this used car online or in a physical showroom falls between the range of 2500-8000 AUD.

5. Buy a Used Hyundai Getz Online:

Hyundai is flourishing its business and is conquering the Australian automobile market after introducing Hyundai Getz. The mini-beast has a 5-passenger capacity. The 1341cc power engine empowers the vehicle for maximum performance. If there is a hot and dazzling sun making you sweat during your journey, then the chilling air-conditioner is there to give you an incredible driving experience. The average mileage of every Hyundai Getz is around 12-15km. You can bring this used car to your garage by paying around 3000-7500 AUD.

Ready To Buy a Used Car for College Life?

You have read the prominent features of the bestused cars for sale in Australia, and now you are all set for buying a car for your college journey. If you have successfully chosen your cheap used car, then you have to choose the best place to buy the used car.Visit the Car Buyer’s Hub homepage today to start looking for your dream car now!